PowerSearch for Microsoft Dynamics 365


for Microsoft Dynamics 365 & PowerApps

Combining the simplicity of the Dynamics 365 search with the features of an Advanced Find!

Save tons of time by pre-defining frequent search queries. Enable users search in multiple fields and provide them with features like Bulk-Edit or Export to Excel to be performed on the results with native Dynamics 365 Grid functionality!

Supported platforms: Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement & PowerApps

Online & OnPremise CRM 2015 up to Dynamics 365 V9.X



Search features & configuration 

PowerSearch provides lots of additional features and capabilities. 

Users can predefine common queries and thus, saving tons of time on finding records in Microsoft Dynamics 365.



  • Search queries in multiple fields 

    Create complex, yet easy to use advanced searches in multiple columns. 
  • Automation of frequent search queries

    There is no need to repeatedly insert every single search parameter anymore. 
  • Global configuration - preconfigure search fields

    Define search and result fields – they can be pulled directly from the user- or system views. 

  • And/Or search

    Support of "and/or" keywords as search input. 
  • All search operators supported

    Our solution supports all operators known from the powerful Advanced Find.
  • Customizable preview and actions

    The user interface can be fully customized to meet your search requirements.
  • Fetch import

    Upload your Advanced Find into PowerSearch.


Working with results 

Once you have found the records yo have been looking for, PowerSearch provides a variety of tools to help you work with those results efficiently.

  • Result preview 

    Get a direct preview of result records without the need to open them individually. Previews are fully customizable to fit your needs.

  • Customizable grid

    Show results in a customizable grid view. Results as well as related records can be accessed with a single click. 
  • Open results in Dynamics 365 grids to support common tasks 

    Search results can be opened in a Dynamics 365 Grid providing extended Dynamics 365 features (e.g. bulk edit, export to Excel).
  • Execute custom actions against results

    PowerSearch allows you to place your won buttons (javascript) on the result preview. Therefore you can execute your desired action against results individually or in bulk.