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Insert a static document subtemplate

The insert as static document button is a very useful functionality if it comes to creating templates in DocumentsCorePack Template Designer. Its functionalitites can be expanded to insert not only static documents, but also subtemplates. In the course of this article,
you will learn how to do so.

First of all, you need to open two templates, but you could also create two totally new ones.
Learn which fields can be added to a template here.

However, you need one for your main entity and one for your subentity. They are the base for all further actions.

DocumentsCorePack Condition Syntax (Dynamics 365)

Certain properties of DocumentsCorePack templates consist of conditions based on CRM fields. This article covers the basic syntax and the advanced options that can be used.
Several DocumentsCorePack properties support the same syntax. A list of these properties can be found at the end of this article. 

How to create a DocumentsCorePack template for DocuSign

To create a DocumentsCorePack template for DocuSign, open the–tab in Microsoft Word and follow the instructions below: 

How to merge a Document and send it to AssureSign (for 1 to 3 Signers)

Please note: The following blogpost is seperated into two parts. 

The first part shows how to merge a document and send it to AssureSign.
The second part shows how you or your customers can sign a document right within AssureSign.

How to create a DocumentsCorePack Template for AssureSign (for 2 Signers)

Imagine, you would like to create a DocumentsCorePack template for AssureSign for two signers. Let us pretend, you wanted to make sure that the person who has revised a certain document, has the possibility to sign it.

How to create a DocumentsCorePack template for AssureSign (for 1 Signer)

To create a DocumentsCorePack template for AssureSign, open the–tab in Microsoft Word and follow the instructions below:  

How to open the DocumentsCorePack Advanced Template Settings (Dynamics 365)

In order to apply special settings to your DocumentsCorePack Template, you have to access the Template Settings Dialog.
How to get to this essential dialog is outlined step by step in this article.

Send as .pdf preview & edit functionality

This blog article outlines the DocumentsCorePack ServerBased send as pdf preview and edit functionality. The edit functionality allows to modify generated pdf-documents in MS Word before you send it to the customer with the DCP SB [Create document]-button. 

Please note, that the usage of SharePoint integration is mandatory in order to use the edit-functionality!

Requirements: DocumentsCorePack ServerBased (DCP SB) v.2015.18 for OnPremise, DocumentsCorePack ServerBased (DCP SB) v.2013.73 for the online version

How to add the [Export to Word]-flyout button?

This article outlines how to add the DocumentsCorePack [Export to Word]-button manually.

Requirements: DocumentsCorePack (DCP) for MS CRM 2013/2015

How to set partial document editing restriction in templates

This blog article outlines how to use the MS Word Restrict Editing-functionality. It supports restricted editing for the whole document, as well as editing specific paragraphs of the document only. Please note: The functionality works with merged documents as well.


Requirements: DocumentsCorePack for MS CRM