AutoMerge for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Creating documents based on CRM data has never been easier. Based on MS Word-templates, the Server-side document generation provides you with a set of tools to create and process documents inside CRM.

Supported platforms: CRM 2011 - OnPremise and Hosted(IFD)
Getting Started
  • MS CRM Online: Click on "Start Trial" to start the web-based setup
    for CRM - Online customers a web-based setup is provided to keep the installation even mor simple. Click on the "Configure AutoMerge for your CRM environment" to get started!
  • MS CRM On-Premise: Click on "Download" to get the msi-setup
    To install AutoMerge in OnPremise CRM environments a msi-file is provided for download. Running the msi will import the solution into your CRM-system and provide you with the printing service.
  • Server side setup, no client installations
    AutoMerge provides a server-side tool to create and process documents. Thus, NO CLIENT installation is required. A simple setup provides you with all the AM features in a few minutes.
Generating documents Processing documents
  • Saving documents to Sharepoint
    Once the document is generated, AutoMerge can be set up to automatically stored files to Sharepoint (CRM-integrated SP or a StandAlone-SP).
  • Attaching documents to CRM records
    AutoMerge allows to save generated documents to CRM-records automatically. This e.g. enables you to attach pdfs to an email or store a report to a lead.
  • Attach and send document by email
    Next to attaching documents to emails, AutoMerge provides the ability to send the emials wihtin your workflow/dialog or via the CommandBar-integration
  • sending documents to a printer (local setup or google-cloud setup)
    With the service based printing, AutoMerge can be setup to use local and network printers to print documents inside your processes. For AuotMerge Online this capability is provided via Goolge-Cloud-Printing.
Template Design Application scenarios
  • Improve business processes
    One of the most common scenarios is "sending invoices or quotes as a pdf" to the customer. With AutoMerge this can be tracked down to be a 3- click- procedure!
  • Automated printing on status changes inside CRM (e.g. invoice is completed)
    Automated generation and print-out of reports. E.g. a new Order -is saved in CRM and a document is printed for accounting
  • Generate and save reports to Sharepoint
    We all know: Having all reports stored assosicated to the correct CRM-record is hihgly important! AutoMerge provides a broad variety of options to specify save-locations.
  • Sending mails with CRM-content to customers
    By the ability to create html-content out of the word document Automerge allows to generate complex emails including information from related entities (custom entities + custom fields) easily.


"Workflow configuration"

"Dialog configuration"

AutoMerge process